Monday, February 25, 2013

Shamrock Word Families

St. Patrick's Day will be here so soon and we have already begun our celebration in Mrs. Ludwig's Speech Room! I've been working on a few resources, and the first one I'm putting up is the Shamrock Word Families to target phonological awareness skills:

Here are the CVC leaves...

....that go on these Shamock templates.

and a recording sheet too!

You can download by clicking HERE. It's also available in my TpT store!

And here is a peek of some shamrocks 
in live and living color:

Time to meet my husband at the gym, so check back for more resources soon!! :)

~ Mrs. Ludwig

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy (Early) Valentine's Day!

Ah, I love that Valentine's Day is only 1 day away! A look at some of the activities we've been doing in Mrs. Ludwig's Speech Room & a few freebies!

We have been mending broken hearts with Broken Heart Synonyms. Match games & taking turns finding a match for your given card. Here's a look:

For the kindergarteners and 1st graders working on phonological awareness, we worked through a rhyming coloring book of the most classic love poem of all time. Just give it a click and download:

At the end of the book is a rhyming exercise. Paste the words that rhyme with red, blue & you, and sweet on the correct pages.

An example of a finished product:

**A note on book assembly: the first page is the cover. Fold in half for the front and back. All other pages are folded in half and inserted into the cover. 
The side where the ends meet is placed directly into the fold of the cover. 
Staple when all pages are in place.**

And our versatile activity for articulation, language, and fluency: the lovely love elephant. You can find the template HERE!

5-10 sounds, set of questions, or tasks earned one piece of the elephant and at the very end, we glued them all together.

One of my little kids impressed me with his creativity. Given all the same pieces and a model elephant, he immediately requested to make a firebird instead. Take a look:

A true visionary! :)

Hope you enjoy and hope these activities are useful in your speech rooms, too!

Mrs. Ludwig

Saturday, February 9, 2013

December & January....are gone!

Hello blog friends!

It's been awhile since I've posted....where has the time gone?? The craziness of the holidays carried over into January and things haven't seemed to slow down for one minute....not one single one! 

A brief peek at what went on in Mrs. Ludwig's Speech Room close to winter break and into January:

Oral language practice while making reindeer pencils: wrapping pipe cleaners around the pencil & gluing on a nose.

We made these in an individual after-school session to take home to mom. Practicing our good oral language skills:
"I am putting frosting on my cookie
I am putting marshmallows on my cookie. 
I am putting candy canes on my cookie." 
And what did you just do? 
"I made some cookies."

A sugar high? Mmm, yes. I think so.

And then we started using shaving cream (lots of shaving cream) in Mrs. Ludwig's speech room! I had seen the shaving cream snowmen floating around on Pinterest, so we got some shaving cream and glue and made our own! 

1 part shaving cream 
1 part Elmer's glue 
fun puffy paint

We put a hat on his head. The bottom snowball was bigger than the middle snowball. And of all the snowballs the top was the smallest.

And then shaving cream became our motivating white board. I used it for phonological awareness: draw 4 boxes and make them tap each box as they segmented CCVC words.

And also for writing sentences:

 So motivating!

And for vocabulary,
write an antonym for clean:

And for the fluency kids,
show me what "smooth speech" looks like:

Now show me "bumpy speech":

Who knew shaving cream was so versatile? :)

In January, I also was working hard on a professional development presentation for my husband's pediatric dental residency class. His program invited me to come in and talk about speech pathology as it relates to the dental world. It was a great experience and a great review of all my craniofacial, voice/resonance, and language development materials from grad school!

Diggin' up my old textbooks for graphics & citations.

....and now Happy February! I've been working hard on some new materials for Valentine's Day to use in Mrs. Ludwig's Speech Room. Here's a sneak peek:

A rhyming book for my little kids:

....and some more! Check back for the full post very soon!

~Mrs. Ludwig