Wednesday, March 13, 2013

St. Patrick's Chipper Chat & A Visit From a Leprechaun

Can you believe it's the middle of March?! The time is flying! Here's a quick post about what's been happening in Mrs. Ludwig's Speech Room as March has been rolling along:

Chipper Chat is always a fan favorite in Mrs. Ludwig's Speech Room. The open-ended boards can be used in so many ways! And I love to use the versatile chipper chat pieces and magnetic "magic" wands in my other activities too!

Awhile back, I had the Ah-Ha! moment that the Chipper Chat pieces fit perfectly on the Bingo Dauber Art boards at DLTK Kids. There are so many options for different seasons and holidays.

We used these boards that come in color....

....and black and white!

We used the B&W version so we could color them. We spent one speech session coloring/cutting out boards while taking turns saying sounds. (Mrs. Ludwig's Rule: When it's your turn, freeze and put that crayon down!) And during the next speech time, we played our game.

When it's game time, we take turns rolling a die and whatever number is rolled is the number of speech sounds that need to be said.

Sneak a peek:

And in other news...we had a visit from Lucky the Leprechaun! He came to visit two of my scholars who stay after school for speech on Tuesdays. He left them this note:

As a side note: Apparently way too many of my kids have seen a movie about a scary leprechaun (I had to look up a quick movie clip to get up to speed and he is pretty scary! Ha), so I had to explain that Lucky is a very different and very friendly leprechaun.

Our friendly leprechaun, sent them on a scavenger hunt with clues. Each envelope came with a worksheet to fill in the grammar targets.

After each worksheet was complete, they followed the next clue from the envelope. At the end of the note trail, they found Lucky's gold in the last envelope:

Rich, rich!

And of course, since he asked, we had to let Lucky know we had found his gold. We filled in the blanks to write him a letter. Targets: expressive language, vocabulary, prepositions, etc. etc.

Unfortunately, when he comes to find us, his gold will be in gold foil crumbles. It turned out his gold had chocolate on the inside and it was just too good to resist. We decided Lucky might just appreciate us letting him know we had it.

And as I've been typing, it turns out my husband stole all my kids' gold for tomorrow.

I guess he better hope Lucky really is a friendly leprechaun...Ha.

On that note, that's all for now! Thanks for checking in!

Mrs. Ludwig

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