Saturday, March 23, 2013

We are ballin' in March!

The craziness of March Madness is well underway and we have been shootin' hoops in Mrs. Ludwig's Speech Room! Basketball is one of those activities that is so simple, motivating, and never gets old with my kiddos.

We use a simple basket, some sports balls (baseballs that we pretend are basketballs), and a chair as a backboard.
The easy therapy tie-in:
How are the baseballs the same as basketballs?
How are they different?

The kids pick team names and we have everything from LeBron vs. Michael Jordan to a few of these creative selections:

 These Princesses were dominated by the Eagles.

And sometimes the kids mix in other sports/cities/states. 
WWE Champ John Cena vs. Hoosiers vs. Arizona Phoenix (?)

And then everyone gets a job: 1) the Score Keeper, 2) the Shooter, 3) the Shooter-in-Waiting, and 4) the Basketball Collector/Basket Fixer. 

Players have to do their speech work to earn their shots (e.g. 5 sounds, picture description, answer wh- questions).
After each turn, players rotate and switch jobs.

Fouls (-1 point) are given for: Shot blocking and poor behavior.

And 'tis the season for keeping track of a few different brackets! Our school does a pool and these are Mrs. Ludwig's picks. A few busts, but still a long way to go! Here they are:

Happy March & GO HOOSIERS! :)

Mrs. Ludwig

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