Monday, July 1, 2013

Sweet Summertime

Happy Summer!

I've been on summer break since the second week of June....and it is wonderful! It was another crazy school year and this break has been an excellent opportunity to refresh, relax, and recharge!

A few highlights from the end of the school year:

  • The elementary girls' track team that I help coach won the championship meet!

  • I wrapped up all my evaluations, case conferences, and worked on some summer packets to send home with the kids for break. 
A few visuals:

  • I found some end-of-the-year prizes when my parents moved out my childhood home this spring! Most of our old Beanie Babies found new homes with new kiddos, and I saved a few for props to use with storybooks. The kids loved them!
Why did we have so many?? Ha. 

  • And I packed up my speech room and took lots of things home for the summer!
Lookin' pretty bare:

My summer has been full of Pinterest-ing, researching new resources, and reading for next year...

I'm currently reading this:

and just bought a few of these:

...and I've also been busy going to the farmer's market, planting an urban garden, organizing the Ludwig home, reading about finance, and working on my cooking skills! 

Hamburger buns:
I never thought I could do anything like this, 
but they are SO easy! Recipe HERE!

Our urban garden is a go

And 4th of July is upon us! We got to celebrate the 30th of June with some fireworks at a friend's house and are looking forward to celebrating the long weekend with my husband's family starting Wednesday!

a great show!

Summer breaks are the best! I think we deserve them because I really believe we complete 12 months of work in only 9! Hope you are all enjoying sweet summertime.

Happy July!
Mrs. Ludwig

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