Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy 2014!

Happy New Year, friends!!

I have SO much to write about as I have been remiss when it comes to my blog updates. Where to start, where to start.

Well, November was full of conferences. First up was the Adolescent Language & Literacy conference online. I watched a bunch of online presentations from the comfort of our couch. 

Next up was ASHA in Chicago with my mom. I don't think I've mentioned on here that my mom is also an SLP! Fun fact!  ASHA could take up a few posts in itself (I'll get to those when I get to those), but I gained a ton of professional development and great information/ideas to take back to my speech & language room. 

The Magic of Teamwork: Science and Service Delivery
Hence the magic hat :)

Then we moved right on in to December! 
The last few weeks of the holidays with my kiddos was eventful with these cute lightbulb ornaments: 

And some nice procedural narratives and written language tasks that targeted lots of goals:

 We did Secret Santa at work. 
I drew the principal's name, so this is what she got:
Dasher & Dancer (puppy chow)
Prancer (Starbucks Card)
Vixen, Comet, Cupid, and Donner (Mt. Dews)
Blitzen (nail polish), &
Rudolph (some cute gloves)
My Secret Santa was amazing. I got a few gift cards to Target and Einsteins (favorite places), goldfish and granola bars (favorite snacks), a cute little bag, and some ornaments for our Christmas tree. Secret Santa was a success!

And in other news, Mr. Ludwig and I saw the real Santa! ;) 
And celebrated the holidays with our family and friends.

And that brings us to…2014!!
aka the 2014-2015 IEP date range. That will take some getting used to.
We are stuck in a historic snowstorm of below zero temps
and Snow Day #4 is on the way!

Hope you, your families, and your kiddos are safe and warm! 
Thanks for checking in! :)

Mrs. Ludwig

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